Ritual: Midsummer 2006

My sister during Midsummer 2006There is one word to describe this High Rite. Rain. It rained and it poured and it was lush with water. We gave up trying to stay dry or hide under umbrellas and jackets. Instead we plopped, stomped, danced, and drummed in the rain. It felt so good, as I’m often the victim of playing out in rain and thunderstorms due to my love for them. It felt very powerful, like we were sincerely connecting with nature on another level.

Our primary invocations were Dionysus and Selene, and this marked the 17 year anniversary of CedarLight Grove. Caryn told the story of CedarLight Grove and how the name came to be when our founder was on the banks of the Potomac in 1989 for our first ritual. The energy was high, and this was truly what rituals are about to me.

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