This journal depicts my spiritual journey through various training programs with Ár nDraíocht Féin. The first and foremost being the Dedicants Program (completed September 2007), and then the Clergy program (Grandfathered in but completed 2014). Eventually I will expand into the Naturalists Program and maybe Bardic or Liturgists. Whatever floats my boat 🙂

Though I don’t consider myself a full-fledged druid in the common sense, that’s not the whole of what ADF is, despite the name. I am an Anglo-Saxon heathen in hearth, but I do enjoy celebrating various Indo-European cultures, depending on who I am having ritual with and the season. I am the Grove Organizer or Hallowed Ground ProtoGrove, ADF. I am the Priest of Great Valley Kindred, which is my Anglo-Saxon kindred. I am also on the board of trustees and a non-voting member (I.E. Sponsor) of CedarLight Grove, ADF in Baltimore. I am also currently serving as Secretary to ADF, Chief of the Naturalists Guild, and maintain social media for the org as a whole.

This particular journal is ADF exclusive for keeping track of the training programs. My main personal and sometimes spiritual journal can be found at tawodi.org.

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