Positions Held

Scribe of CedarLight Grove

Held from 2004-2005
Held from 2005-2007

Goals as Scribe:
To help reorganize all of the past scribe notes.
Get a complete archive of past Witan meetings (Complete)
Create recordings and archive all of Witan meetings (Complete)

Librarian of CedarLight Grove

Held 2007 – Present

Goals as Librarian:
Get a complete an accurate database count of all CLG books (Complete)
Create a policy for library usage (Complete)
Keep the database updated and accurate on a monthly basis (Complete)

Membership Coordinator (Registrar) of CedarLight Grove

Held 2007 – 2015

Goals as Membership Coordinator:
Create a complete and accurate information database for first time in CLG history (Complete)
Keep the membership database up to date and accurate according to new Witan policies (Complete)
Create an online editable database with admin panel for Witan to use

ADF Naturalists Guild Registrar

Held 2007 – Present

Goals as Guild Registrar:
Create a complete and accurate information database (Complete)

ADF Naturalists Guild Chief

Held 2017 – Present

Goals as Guild Chief:
Get the Naturalists Guild Active again
Create a Naturalists Guild Yearly Competition
Approve a 3rd Circle Training Program

Webmaster of CedarLight Grove

Held 2003 – Present

Goals as Webmaster:
Completely revamp CLG website into an easy to use CMS (Complete)
Completely revamp CLG content including rituals
Create Members Only section (Complete)
Completely revamp Members Only Content

Web Assistant of ADF

Held 2006 – Present

Goals as Web Assistant
Help assist Information Manager in general web updates (Ongoing)
Answer any technical problems (Ongoing)
Complete monthly updates to main index page (Complete)
Complete monthly updates to Members only index page

Senior Druid of CedarLight Grove

Held Dec 2007 – Dec 2009 (Youngest Senior Druid in history of CLG, and its 5th Senior Druid)

Goals as Senior Druid
Complete unofficial membership manual
Help straighten out some of CLG’s policies and make them public
Get some policies in place to help rituals run more smoothly
Encourage more DP completions, provide support for upcoming dedicant’s
Help get WWTOO in order and more spiritual
Get the Grove involved in more activities in our local community (Completed)
Help enrich the vision of CedarLight to inspire people to get off their butts and make a difference

Preceptor of ADF

Held May 2010 – 2014

Goals as Preceptor
Develop (with much help) bylaws for the Council of Lore (Completed)
Create a policy that prevents stagnant sub-groups within ADF either by requiring quarterly reports or by some other means. (Completed)
Create a list of online resources for the Council of Lore and all reviewers
Make sure we have plenty of reviewers per capita (Completed)
Make sure everything runs smoothly and on time
Archive remaining paper and disked documentation from all SP work before the SPTracker

Secretary of ADF

Held May 2015 – 2019

Goals as Secretary
Provide more transparency on the MG (Completed)
Get the MG caught up on tasks that are in limbo
Create a MG Manual for new MG members
Update the complaint policy
Create a membership survey

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