Magic 1 for Priests, #4

Discuss the place of alphabetic symbolism as part of the symbolism of magical practice within one Indo-European culture. (minimum 150 words)

One of the most well known forms of magical alphabetic symbolism is the runic alphabet of Northern Lore.  This was an alphabetic that started out as magical in origin, but was developed into a communicative language as well.  This particular system is thought to have been developed as early as 200 B.C.E. (Thorsson, 5).  It is written that they are a gift from Odin after he sacrificed his eye in order to receive their wisdom, and much of what we know about them come from runic poems in the Eddas.  Their main magical uses were through carving into talisman pieces, horns and any useful tool in a magical working and spellwork. They are also used in divination through casting and runic incantations known as runagaldrar (Thorsson, 13).  Each symbol had its own particular meaning and magical purpose, but a combination of certain runes and their meanings could create a whole different meaning and purpose as well.

(Word Count: 156)

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