Magic 1 for Priests, #3

Discuss the existence and relative function of trance-journey magic within at least one Indo-European culture. (minimum 100 words)

In the Celtic culture, Ellis mentions a bull feast used to elect a High King.  A person of the Druid caste would eat the flesh of a slain bull and drink its blood.  Afterwards he is put to sleep by four more druids and whomever he dreamt about while in this state would be the next High King.  It was believed that if he lied about this dream or person that his life would be ended by the Gods (Ellis, 143).  This was just one part of the “Cult of the Bull” in the Celtic world.  This is similar to the ritual of a Druid wrapping himself in the skin of a freshly killed bull and sitting by a waterfall to meditate.  During this meditation they would receive a divine message to answer the question that was asked of them prior.  These are both examples of trace-related functions through magic within the Celtic culture.

(Word Count: 154)

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