Liturgy 1, #4

Discuss the Earth Mother and her significance in ADF liturgy. (minimum 100 words)

To me, the Earth is the sacred space in which we live.  She is the mother of all things living on our planet, she is the creator the protector, and the destroyer.  She is honored first in the liturgy within ADF, much like Hestia is honored first in many of the Greek rituals.  Since growing up I had a lot of native american influences, I attribute much of how I view the Earth Mother like the natives of the land did, a mother of the people and of my brothers and sisters the nature spirits.

In ADF liturgy encompasses most of these same principles.  She is honored first in every rite, which shows her significance within ADF liturgy.  She is the all-mother, and though she is often represented through local rivers or bodies of water rather than the land itself, she is a known aspect of the divine across many cultures and many religions, comparatively.

(Word Count: 155)

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