Liturgy 1, #3

Discuss why ADF rituals need not have a defined outer boundary, or “circle” and explain the ADF’s method of sacralizing space. (minimum 100 words)

In an ADF ritual, we create a vertical axis and sacred center that brings the three worlds together to create our sacred space for ritual. ┬áBefore we open the gates between these worlds, we offer a distraction of some sort to the Outsiders so they leave us be during this sacred rite. ┬áThis is the equivalent of the Wiccan’s casting a circle to keep Outsiders out of their ritual space, but since Druids work within the natural world and within the space surrounding us, we have no need to cast this circle but instead appease the beings in it, one way or another.

To make our space sacred, we not only establish the sacred center, but we also purify the space in which we work, to bring the intention of all the participants together in a holy way through meditation, music, or some other method.

(Word Count: 145)

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