Liturgical Writing 1, #4

Create a prayer suitable for the main offering of a High Day rite which includes invocation of at least one deity suitable to the occasion, description of the offering and its suitability to the occasion, and the purpose of the offering, totaling at least 100 words. Any stage directions necessary for performance of the offering should be included.

Queen Frigga you are the hand that guides the providers, you advise the order of the home, and you are the vanguard of hard work and responsibility. I offer you fresh raw milk, a representation of motherhood and nourishment. Please accept this gift and bless our community fires as well as our hearth fires so that we might strengthen our bonds and nourish our growth.

For this offering to Frigga, one of our main deities at Mabon this year, I chose Raw Milk, which is illegal in Maryland but legal to consume in Pennsylvania.  Since I was not consuming it (instead offering it), it seemed like an appropriate offering.

I chose raw milk for its representation of motherhood above all else, but also its aspect of nourishment.  This rite was about community building, tribal bonds, fertility, harvest, and personal responsibility.  All of these things either are or require nourishment of some sort, and where better to receive nourishment than from the bosom.

I offered the raw milk in a wooden bowl, so as to not pour it from the plastic bottle it originally came in.  I wanted something pure and meaningful to the aspects of Frigga that I was trying to honor.  Our Mabon rite this year was about invigorating our work over the next year, and honoring all the hard work and dedication over this last year.  We want to keep the hearth fires clean and vibrant, but also those fires we light within our community.

(Word Count: 247)

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