Law and the Church, #7

How do you see these laws affecting how you serve your Grove, ADF, or the community as a whole?

None of the particular laws for Pennsylvania or Federal law directly affect how I serve my Grove, ADF or the Folk.  For the most part these laws are fair and just in terms of Clergy, and unless someone tries to get me charged with a misdemeanor for using runes or tarot, and even that is iffy, then I am at no risk for my practice and spirituality.

ADF has very knowledgeable leadership that have educated themselves on legal matters concerning Clergy and religious organizations.  They have set a foundation that is more organized than most Neo-pagan institutions, thus it gives us a leg up on our position in the political and legal realms.  We are in a very good position within the Neo-pagan community to really set a precedence for Pagan Clergy.  I hope that I can continue that knowledge and make sure ADF stays abreast of all policies that might affect us in the future.

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