Law and the Church, #6

Looking at those laws listed in questions 1 – 4 and how they affect you, are there any specific laws that seem out of place, unfair, or unjust? What is the avenue for change to these laws, and do you see change to these particular laws as necessary?

The main law I see as unfair in my research is the same-sex marriage laws.  This does not affect me as Clergy directly, but as a person and Clergy who fully supports same-sex marriage, I feel it is an unjust law.

I could also see the laws against Fortune-telling as being a potential threat if manipulated correctly against Clergy with the use of omen and divination.

If the House Bill 1099 passes, it could threaten the definition of congregation and ordination of Clergy in that ADF being rather virtual organization, but still providing legit in-person ordination, I worry about manipulation of these laws to further exclude Groves that do not own a physical church building.

Avenues for change of these types of laws require that we as Clergy and Druids in general being aware and active in our judicial community.  Knowing what bills and amendments are upcoming for votes, rally against them publicly and voice your position through your vote.  To be honest I wish we had more neo-pagans or even ADF members in political office to help further politics and law into a more fair direction.

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