Ethics 1, #5

Discuss how an individual’s values relate to the decisionmaking process. (100 words minimum)

Values are a type of ethic or “code” that are set on a more personal level than morals.  Morals are more generic and all-encompassing of humanity, whereas values are something we develop individually based off our own personal beliefs and experiences in how we grew up.  When it comes to making decisions, like the scales of truth and fairness held by Lady Liberty, we have to weigh or “value” each decision carefully.  We compare and contrast the decision we make based on what our individual values are, and also our human morals to find the best, or most positive or appropriate decision.  Our morals as humans on what is just and good is the measure that we must adhere to in order to make decisions.

An example of decisions being measured, were if two people came upon the same home-less man on the street, one may value a proper donation to the man differently than the other based on their history with home-less people, their upbringing and bias imbued in them by their parents and experiences.  Some people may place a higher value on one thing, whereas another will place the value on the opposite.  Amusingly enough this also relates to a situation I’ve mentioned several times within my Ethics Course in regards to a situation being dealt with in my Grove right now with a convicted sex offender.  This example has really split people within the Grove based off individual’s own values and what they perceive to be of higher value ethically than the other.  It’s interesting to see the contrast between peoples values in comparison to what is morally right.

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  1. Crystal,

    Do you think our experiences play a part in the decision making process?

    What is the measure of what is morally right?

    Answer those two questions and this question passes

  2. Hrm, I feel like those two questions are already answered, or at least the first one. But I will see if I can elaborate 🙂

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