Ethics 1, #4

Describe several reasons why an individual would strive to “do the right thing”? (100 words minimum)

“Doing the right thing” is the very basis of what humanity and spirituality is about.  As spiritual individuals, or even as Druids, our purpose is to serve.  Whether this is serving the Shining Ones, the Nature Spirits, or the Folk matters not, it’s still an existence of service to something other than ourselves.  Not necessarily greater than ourselves, but even things that humans in general may think as lesser than ourselves (our dedication to our pets, for example).  Service to someone or something lesser than yourself, to me anyway, is an even greater form of service and sacrifice.  This not only shapes our legacy that we leave behind for a better world to follow after we are gone, but it also just plain feels good and makes us elevate our “karma” so to speak.  Doing the right thing can be seen as a form of sacrifice in a lot of situations, because it’s not always the easiest thing to do, and it’s not always what we would like to do, but to sacrifice our wants for needs is one of the highest forms of “right”.

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  1. Crystal,

    Good job on this one, but why is it our purpose to serve? Something to ponder. I think this question is good as is


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