Two Powers Meditation

This had to be one of the most difficult portions of the dedicant’s program, as it forces me to try and adapt to a guided meditation. As mentioned in my building mental discipline essay, I am incapable of performing silent meditations. It’s not for lack of trying, but unless I am actively doing something rhythmic other than breathing, I am lost to many different types of distractions.

I did try, and I got as far as feeling the roots of the earth within my feet and legs. Even the deep rhythmic breathing was calming to a point. But then I began to focus on nerve twinges or outside sounds. If I’m not totally entranced by some sort of drumming or music, I’m far too easily distracted.

The goal of the Two Powers meditation is to basically interlink my body and spirit to the aboveworld and the underworld. I can also see it as a way of linking up the sacred trine of sky, earth, and sea, or shining ones, nature spirits, and ancestors, which would then make it a Triple Powers meditation. It’s a connection or intersection of the earth and sky, like you would imagine a tree with its roots embedded in the sacred ground, with its limbs reaching far into the clouds. This allows all of the participants and the ritual itself to create a smooth path for the energy to flow.

As far as I can tell, the Grove does not really do this specific type of meditation. We do guided meditations yes, which I guess can be considered a two powers meditation. But more often than not, other parts of the ritual where I am able to drum are more focusing and relaxing for me that the former. Sometimes I get lucky and the meditation calls for a faint heartbeat rhythm with my drum. That’s when I can really get into the meditation.

What’s even more remotely strange is I have no problem with visualization at all. I have a very vivid imagination, which I guess is why I’m able to create my MUD which consists of a unique medieval fantasy world from scratch. But even with those visualizations, my mind will flicker back to the mundane world due to stress or the inability to focus.

So I am sorry to say that I fail at this type of meditation. But if someone wants me to do some drumming for them to keep everyone’s energies in sync, I’m your gal.

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