Trance 1: #10

Create a self-hypnosis tape to put yourself in trance and go on a spirit journey and bring yourself back out. Submit a script as well as a summary of your results. (min. 200 words for the summary)

My journey script:

Breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling with the rhythm of the drums.

Sit comfortably, allow your body to stop fidgeting

Spend some time trying to empty your brain, focus on the beats

For each beat, you journey further and further down a wooden pathway, surrounded by fog.

The pathway is familiar, you’ve traveled down it many times before

At the end of the pathway is a stone gateway with two figures standing on each side.  

One is dressed in a white robe with blue trim.  There are no facial features revealed, just simply a long white beard. Your gatekeeper.

The other figure is a dark-haired, dark-skinned woman in a lose violet robe, the earth mother.

Through the stone gate is more indiscernible fog, but you can still navigate down the pathway.

Eventually you come upon a second gate that reveals itself through the fog.  On the other side you see a beautiful open field of yellow and green grasses and bright sunshine.

The path no longer continues, but in the distance there is a large hill or mound.

You walk up towards this mound and see a small stone-lined gateway that tunnels underneath the mount.

You enter through the third gateway and before you is a spiraling stone staircase that lead downwards into the earth

As you descend the air is cool and damp, but you eventually reach a round open chamber.

In this chamber there is a stone firepit that protrudes from the floor filled with rainbow fire.

You are able to look around the room and see faceless figures surrounding the chamber against the stone walls, each having its own place within the wall.  These are your ancient wise.

[Allow time to see, hear, feel and interpret any messages]

Once you have finished speaking, leave a prayer at the fire and return through the steps in which you came.


This was a very familiar journey work, as it was the same one done for my initial clergy journey to the mound, except it was scripted by me this time and not anyone else.  I recorded a separate track, bringing my own mixing skills back on the table, of my usual drum beat to help me follow along.  It worked for the most part, but honestly I was thrown off-guard by hearing my own voice, which I am not comfortable with, and of course with the guided meditation part.  To me, the speaking portion is distracting, and I would much rather allow my brain to do all the work for me rather than have someone else direct where my brain needs to go.  That’s not to say that this is never successful, it’s just not frequently successful, or preferred.

So my journey for this portion was partially successful.  I was able envision myself in the mound, but I did not hear any words from the Ancient Wise.  There was no message, and most of them weren’t even there.  I suppose unannounced visits are simply not always successful.  I walked around for a bit, said a prayer to those who have gone before, basically leaving a message that if there was anything that needed to be said, to feel free to leave them in my dreams later on.

 (Word Count: 227)

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