Ritual: Samhain 2007

Samhain 2006Samhain is one of my favorite rituals, as I feel the most connected to the ancestors and to deity during this time. Our primary invocations were Iunium and Genii, as this was a roman style ritual, and the purpose was becoming good examples for our followers and admirers.

This ritual was entirely too windy so it was hard to hear anything, which resulted in not being as absorbed or focused for this particular high rite. However the setting and prompts were fantastic, with pumpkins, candles, and skulls to commemorate the occasion. We even lit the pumpkin on fire (as shown above) to give it a nice flare.

We honored the Earth Mother, and Janus as the gatekeeper, to which Renee even did the invitation to Janus in Latin, which sounded -awesome-. When acknowledging the outsiders, Kat used an old Roman method involving black beans, which I had never heard of.

(Word Count: 150)

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