Ritual: Midsummer 2007

Our Midsummer ritual at CedarLight this year was based off of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer’s Nights Dream.” Spoken in true Shakespearean fashion, the lore of the season was displayed in romantic and dramatic allure. The omen was “William Ditlow Pierson, Souffle”, done in typical Will satire. Random people were asked to give a word of inspiration, and after reaching a certain amount, specifically ordered words were chosen by the Seer to divine the omen.

Unfortunately our Grove has a problem with not recording Omens properly until someone recently brought it up. So I still have no clue what the meaning behind this or most other omens were during the last 5 years of ritual. Quite embarrassing, actually.

There was very little chanting done during this particular ritual, I’m sad to say. I did provide a minor drumbeat to keep the ritual flow in sync, but was not asked ahead of time to incorporate any chants. Chanting and even drumming really affect the ritual for me. When there is a lack of either, I’m usually very out of focus.

There were no particular deities called upon during this Midsummer, instead it was all Deities having to do with Seership. Slightly unorthodox, but I was game.

Midsummer is usually a Fool’s Rite in our Grove. I’ve attended 5 of them so far, and they’ve ranged from Chocolate rituals with chocolate chip cookie omens and eclair sacrifices, to dancing in puddles and the rain and even painting ourselves with mud.

(Word Count: 245)

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