Magic 1 for Priests, #1

Discuss the importance and actions of the magico-religious function as it is seen within the context of general Indo-European culture. (minimum 100 words)

Sacrifice has been a long standing aspect of magico-religious function across various Indo-European cultures.  It was thought to be a representation of the creation of the world.  Odin slew Ymir to create the world in the Northern lore, and Romulus killed his brother Remus in the Roman lore to establish the city of Rome.  Dumezil discusses the first function as a sovereign (Mallory, 132) priestly function that maintains both religious and legal order.  The second is the military function which act as the executors of force, and the third is the conceptualization of fertility for farmers. Druids are listed by both Hutton and Winn both to take part in all sacred things on society. This includes public and private sacrifices and the interpretation of holy things (Winn, 54).  The magico-religious function was essentially to keep these magical workings, such as the creation of the cosmos and rites of passage, in proper order.

(Word Count: 152)

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