Liturgy Practicum 1: #3

What arguments does Ceisiwr Serith make in support of set prayers (as opposed to spontaneous prayers)? Discuss how these arguments apply (or do not apply) to solitary Pagan prayer. (Minimum 200 words)

Ceisiwr’s argument of set prayers coincides with my own, in that he feels it is important to have a set, familiar foundation of prayer, and then build off of that as needed (Ceisiwr, 67).  This can be spontaneous or it can be through customization for the particular rite.  The reason I feel having a set foundation to start with that you are familiar with is important, is because it helps prevent broken text and flow in ritual.  If I have to come up with something completely foreign on the fly, then my words may not even make sense, or even be embarrassing, which will disrupt the entire rhythm of the ritual.

Another benefit to having a set prayer is much like carving a piece of artwork or music.  The piece has a set intention, glorified and enhanced to personal satisfaction to express the intended desire.  This is the best of the best of what I personally feel I can create, and I am offering this up as a prayer to my deity of choice.  I have not pulled a wildflower from a field and offered it as a gift, I have cultivated, gardened, mulched, weeded, fertilized, and crafted a beautiful flower for a set purpose.  To me this is the metaphorical difference in set prayers versus spontaneous.  They all have their purpose and gestures.  Once I have perfected the process of flower-growing, I can do so on a whim (spontaneously), the same goes with prayer crafting.

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