Liturgy 1, #8

Discuss the ritual depiction of the relationship between Fire and Water in ADF liturgy. (minimum 100 words)

ADF depicts Fire and Water in its liturgy with the concept of the Two Powers, also as gateways to the two Otherworlds outside of our own Middleworld.  The Underworld Power (Water or Ice) is the chaotic memory-filled water of the earth that nourishes all the roots that dip into it, whether they be natural elements or humankind.  These memories are of our Ancestors and all history that came before.  In Celtic Lore this was associated with the Goddess Danu of the Danu river and the sacred Wells across Europe.  Alternatively in German Lore, water is attributed as the Ice of Niflheim, one of the two Worlds at the beginning of all life.

The other World at the beginning of all life in Germanic Lore was Muspelheim or “fire”.  In our liturgy Fire is a symbol of the Upperworld or Heavens, the place where the Shining Ones dwell.  When we look at Celtic Mythology, the God Bel and even the Goddess Brigid were both Sun Deities associated with Fire.  Fire was considered sacred and kept burning in temples like the on at Kildare in Ireland, sacred to Brigid.

When we align ourselves with the Two Powers, we are creating yet another symbolic union of the cosmos.

 (Word Count: 205)

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