Liturgy 1, #15

Describe how ADF liturgy corresponds with your personal or group practice. (minimum 100 words)

CedarLight Grove, ADF focuses primarily on the ADF Core Order of Ritual, with slight variations (we do not always call for Bardic Inspiration, for example).  I’ve done some slight interchanging of the Order in my personal ritual so that the flow makes more sense to my frame of mind, but the Core is still essentially the same.

I have never had much experience with anything outside of Druid rituals, and have certainly never run or been involved in one.  The ADF liturgy has a solidarity in the methodology and history that makes sense in the realm of practicality to me.  I think taking the time to personalize the standard liturgy so that it is unique to your belief system, while still remaining wholly ADF is what makes it great and versatile.

(Word Count: 131)

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