High Days: Lughnasadh

Lughnasadh is the first of the harvest festivals, when my father and I begin to harvest corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and other such crops, and many breads are baked from harvested wheat. This is also the time of year in my family when we need to start canning/freezing food for the upcoming winter and preparing ourselves before the cold comes.

This festival is very Celtic in origin, being named after the Irish God Lugh, and hosting the ancient tradition of games (or even considered Olympics) during this time of year.

Many Native American tribes celebrate what is known as an eagle dance during this time of year. Even as I write this, my home is in a severe drought, and our crops are suffering. To many Native Americans, the eagle has supernatural powers because it is able to fly into the heavens and carry their prayers to the Gods. The Eagle was also thought to control rain and thunder, so many prayers were in the image of the eagle to bring rain to quench the dryness of the season.

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