High Days: Imbolc

Imbolc has always been a very simple holiday for me. When the time comes for Imbolc, I celebrate the return of the sun (or the God) and the beginning of spring, as well as the ending of winter. It is a time when the ewe’s begin lactating, thus milk is very sacred. In my Grove, this holiday is most particularly devoted to Brigid’s fire and all three of her aspects, as she is often associated with milk and many farm animals. Even though people overshadow Imbolc with the secular Groundhog Day, the tradition remains the same. Will winter continue on, or will spring return light upon the land?

I enjoy this holiday in its simplicity, and celebrate it as one of the three fertility holidays, followed by Ostara and Beltane. Many dishes prepared in traditional yellows and whites, often with milk and corn, are prepared in honor of the season.

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