General Bardic Studies for Liturgists 1, #1

Write two poems of at least 16 lines each appropriate for performance at a High Day ritual. One poem may be in free-verse form, but one must employ some form of meter and/or rhyme. Note in each case for which High Day the poem is intended.

Poem #1: A Poem to Frigga in Cinquain form for a Harvest Mabon Ritual

Queen of the Aesir, Wife of Odin
You rival his wisdom, and to him you’re beholden
Keeper of  the hearth & and keeper of the home
A high seat of Asgard, rests your great throne

Through wells of knowledge, you store all things
But you tell not, what the future brings
For your gift of prophecy is yours alone
No matter the cost, you keep hidden what is known

Patron of mothers yet mother to all born
It is to you that my loyalty is sworn
You suffered greatly, the loss of your son
The spear of the berry bush, through the chest it had run

Beloved Frigga, Lady of the Marsh
Your lessons honed with love, but harsh
You keep the balance between spiritual and mundane
May we always keep kindled, your eternal flame

(Line Count: 16)


Poem #2: A Poem to my Patron Athena for use during a Midsummer Rite to Athena and Zeus, Freeform

Lady Athena, grey-eyed daughter and favorite of Zeus
Sprung from the head of your father, strong and proud
Born ready for battle, a suit of armor and spear
Skilled in crafts with yarn and cloth
Sharp with with numbers and strategic prowess
Patron of heroes and champions, winners and losers
You company with the owl of wisdom and a shield of snakes
You hold victory in your hand to give to those that you favor
You teach peace and fight wars, you protect your people and nurture their spirit
Pure as the driven snow yet fierce as the high sun
We honor you for the gifts you have given your people
Gifts of thought
Gifts of strength
and gifts of skill
Your gifts of practicality and knowledge of a thousand ages
Bless us now to open our eyes and utilize your gifts and blessing for the road ahead

(Line Count: 16)

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