Ethics 2: Passes!

Overall, your submission shows intellect and meaningful reflection.

1. Excellent! Passes.

2. I also found this a useful source for this type of analysis. Passes.

3. We actually switched to always having a water option on the rare instances
that we include Mead in our grove for similar reasons. Nowadays, we do not
have enough in-person participants who would partake to open an entire bottle
of mead. Passes.

4. Indeed. Holding the oath when one of the parties is not necessarily in
alignment with it has ramifications beyond just the couple, as well. It
definitely impacts you as the oath keeper and the witnesses in ways they may
not understand, as you describe. I bet this is one we both relate to on a
personal level as active priests in our communities! Passes.

5. In most states in the USA, priests are mandatory reporters. Finding a way
to report what you have heard without breaking the trust is important, but I
definitely agree, it is not nearly as important as ensuring that child’s
safety. Passes.

6. Good plan! For Cedarlight, this is super-important, because your 501 (c)3
may require you to be ADA compliant. If this were a real-life situation,
definitely engaging them in helping with providing accommodations is key.

Congratulations! Your Ethics 2 submission passes.

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