Ethics 1, #9

Compare and contrast the Nine Virtues described in the ADF Dedicant Path and prominent values in the dominant culture of the country in which you live. (200 words minimum)

The nine virtues in ADF act as a set of core values that I can practice as an American and as ADF clergy. These virtues are essential in conducting ourselves as Clergy in a way that is ethical and beneficial to the folk as a whole.

Vision is a value in modern American culture that allows us to set goals for the American Dream and plan the necessary steps in order to accomplish that dream.  In my culture, the American Dream is a value held by most Americans as a vision that we all have equal opportunity to achieve, and prior proper planning and personal guile allows us to reach those goals without restriction with enough determination.

Wisdom acts as a foundation to most of the other virtues in that the decision we make as clergy and in society as a whole are based around knowing what is right and wrong and necessary in regards to individual situations.

“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.” – George S. Patton
Perseverance is a very high ranking virtue in the American Culture, because American Culture was defined by Perseverance.   When American Colonies fought against the British Parliament for independence, it started what are known as the core values of the founding of America that many Americans are so proud of today.  It shows in our military, it shows in our patriotism, in all classes of American society.  Perseverance is our unwavering will to move forward against odds to reach our goals.

The act of piety is a strong element in the United States.  We show a natural devotion to our patriotism, which is a definition of being pious.  Our children say the pledge of allegiance every morning before school, even in one of my elementary schools we were required to sing the National Anthem every morning as well.  All of our sporting events devote a period in the beginning where the National Anthem is sung, hats are removed, hands are placed over our hearts, and we honor our country.  When someone significant to our lives or our country passes, we often take a moment of silence or fly the symbol of our country, the American Flag, at half mast.  These are all examples of devotional piety that is important to our culture as Americans.

Courage in America can be a hit or miss value among our American peers.  The ones who stand up against crowds for what is ethically and morally right.  Our military is a great example of American Courage, and brings out the best of our people to defend for the rights of others and protect our culture from those that would oppose it.

Integrity is shown across America by organizations established by Americans such as the American Red Cross, whose purpose is to serve those in need through Humanitarianism.  The ability for the American people to give and do work for others is a prime example of our ability to show ethical integrity.

America is a fruitful country of opportunity, our foundation as a country in modern society is based on the “Land of Opportunities”.  Our creativity, devotion, perseverance, and unique perspectives all act as seeds planted to allow for growth and equal opportunities for all people with enough drive to harvest them, hence our fertility as a country.

In America there are two dominant things that we either really succeed at, or really fail at in regards to moderation.  Fiscal responsibility, and our health.  America is dealing with both a recession and an obesity epidemic, both of which (in my personal opinion) could be avoided by probably at least half of the people suffering through those situations.  Our inability to moderate our decisions on getting into debt or eating unhealthily is due to lack of moderation.

In CedarLight Grove, we have done several charity events with the “Adopt-a-family” organization where we are given the names and likes for a needy family in the area. Our Grove will go out and buy holiday foods and presents for the family and their children so that they can experience what we consider a “normal” holiday.  One of the best virtues that I feel America offers to the world is our ability to be hospitable.  Whether it is through acts of charity like the Red Cross, small gestures of hospitality like what CLG does for the holidays, or even global hospitality such as when America comes to offer aid to countries suffering tragedy.

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