Divination 1, #7

Discuss your view of the purpose of divination. (minimum 100 words)

Divination is a tool used for interpreting messages in many forms from the Divine.  In my Grove we use it in a multitude of ways, such as determining what the prayer of our next High Rite should be, asking if our offerings have been accepting in ritual, and also divining the message from the Gods in reference to our particular prayer for that High Rite.

It is also a great tool for personal divinations as well, such as life direction, establishing relationships with the Gods as a form of communication, or to quell indecisiveness.  I personally like to use it as a guide, because it gives good insight, but is not too specific that I would feel compelled (or would recommend) following it literally.  Interpretations are meant to be established guides and not an exact way of life.

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