Cosmology 1: #9

In many rituals we call for the blessings of the Kindreds. Where do these blessings come from, how are they provided to the folk, and why are we entitled to them? (200 words min.)

The blessings that we receive are from the Kindreds are just that, gifts in the form of blessings that we receive mostly from the Shining Ones.  These can be in the form of inspiration, universal help on a problem we are faced with, or whatever they feel is appropriate for the situation.

In ritual, one of the main climatic portions of the rite are when we give praise and offerings to the Kindred.  From that point forward, we take an omen to make sure our offerings have been accepted (if not, we better be prepared to give more gifts!).  If the offerings are accepted, we then call down the blessings into the waters of life for us to consume and accept these blessings.  The liturgist calls down the blessings into the waters, designating their direction and purpose and it is shared among the folk equally.  This is the act of a “gift for a gift”.  Because I have given, so may I receive.  This is the reciprocal relationship we hold with the Kindred, and that is why we are entitled to blessings.  We do not ask for blessings from the Kindred without giving a proper sacrifice first, and we are not entitled until those sacrifices have been given.

(Word Count: 208)


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