Divination 1, #9

Discuss your view and understanding of the function of the Seer. (minimum 100 words)

In our Grove, the function of the Seer is to receive, interpret, and announce the results of a divinational period, such as the omen in our High Rites.  They are our liaison through the “language barrier” with the Divine that lets them speak to us, after we offer praise and prayer to them.  This is a little more complicated than just doing a personal omen for yourself, because it involves interpreting for an entire group of people, and especially a meaning that is meant for the entire group of people.  You have to put aside your personal thoughts, activities, and life drama in order to see beyond the veil as to what the deities are trying to say to all, not just you.

The Seer has also taken the time and put forth the effort to really study and immerse themselves in their chosen craft of seership (runes, tarot, ogham, etc).  It takes a lot of time and effort to be able to function in an unbiased way as a Seer for the people, but that is their ultimate role.

(Word Count: 180)

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