Divination 1, #10

Discuss the importance and value of divination as it relates to ADF. (minimum 100 words)

The whole purpose of performing a High Rite is to give an offering or praise for something you need or want (an upcoming harvest, a prayer for guidance, you name it), and receive guidance and blessing in return.  It’s like a gift exchange, maybe even a Secret Santa, because you don’t always know who is going to come to the party.

ADF provides legit public worship.  It needs to be done well, it needs to be powerful, and it needs to accomplish a goal, and that goal is the gift exchange.  In order for our rituals to be documented as “legit”, it is important, especially for our Seers, to accomplish this as accurately as possible.  Once the Chief Liturgist presents the prayer of sacrifice, the Seer’s job is then to bring down the words of the Divine for all to hear, as it relates to everyone there and not just to themselves.  This isn’t something they do “at the moment”, their focus for the entire rite should be to create that connection with the Divine, focus on natural omens that occur in ritual, draw the omen, and put it all together into one cohesive message.

(Word Count: 195)


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