Divination 1, #8

Discuss the relative importance and effect of divination within your personal spiritual practice. (minimum 100 words)

I can be an indecisive kitten sometimes, though I do pride myself on my ability to make the right decision in most instances through common sense and without relying on outside input.  However, when dealing with otherworldy influence, such as the Divine, I’m certainly out of my league and could use a little support through Divination.

Runes hold a special place for me due to my German ancestry and just that “feeling” that this is a very ancient tool that has received much research and development over the years.

For me, the use of the Runes helps provide a steady hand in unsteady circumstances.  It provides sound, unaltered advice and direction when I might not see through the cloud of my own emotion.  My first exposure to Divination in the late 90’s was to both runes and tarot, but I felt no connection with any tarot card (and still haven’t), and felt the symbolism to be too chaotic and complex for me to memorize with any significant progress.  Runes are blunt, old, and no-bullshit.  Kinda like me, well, except for the old part.

I’ve always had a difficult time communicating with the Gods, I think because of how busy and chaotic my life gets at times.  I don’t always listen to the signs, but the runes force me to and provide a clean palate in which to communicate.  That is pretty much their importance to me, they provide me with a direct line through the chaos so that I might have a better relationship with the Divine.

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