Crisis Response, #3

Describe at least five possible events or situations that may cause an individual to experience a crisis in his or her life. (minimum 100 words)

Loss of Home due to Foreclosure or Eviction: 
Losing a home due to foreclosure or eviction is a significant crisis in an individual’s life.  I got to experience this in 2008 when our landlord died without leaving a Will, nor did he have any children.  Dad and I were giving 30 days to get out of a home we lived in for 30 years, complete with animals and farm equipment.  This was a highly stressful situation that pretty much uproot all of our stability and put us in crisis mode.

Loss of Job:
Losing a job is one of the biggest modern societal concerns because it removes a lot of stability in our lives and acts as a precipitating event to larger crises such as losing a home like above.  I got to experience j0b loss last month, but thankfully was able to bounce back from it pretty quickly by working hard to obtain a new job ASAP.

Divorce or Ending Relationships:
Divorce or the ending of relationships causes considerable emotional crises to pretty much everyone.  Whether these relationships are romantic or involving arguments within the family, they play a great toll on our regular social structure.  I have been divorced, disowned a parent, and recently ended a 7 year relationship, and they have all had their unique challenges on a mental level.

Health is probably the most important and most scary crisis situation that we cold go through, because without our health, or more severely our life, we would simply not exist.  So when doctors tell us that something is gravely wrong or has the potential to go wrong, we immediately experience a crisis just to hold onto life.

Theft is one of the more minor crises that we can go through as individuals.  Loss of material possessions is stressful and financially burdening, but it is not something that will necessarily change who we are as people nor our ability to live comfortably tomorrow.  Still it is another strain on our emotional stability.

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