Crisis Response, #4

Discuss how an individual’s ability to appropriately cope and/or problem solve may be affected by crisis and explain the process you would use to assist this individual. (100 words).

When affected by a crisis, people will very often be clouded by the stress and lose their mental stability and logical nature.  In an attempt to protect themselves and react to the situation, they shut down and have a tendency to make rash decisions filled with emotion and panic rather than logic.

When this happens, it’s extremely helpful to have aid in the form of outside logic and reason looking in at the situation with completely unbiased eyes.  That’s an important role for Clergy, to act as an vessel for venting, comfort, and rationale.  We do this by listening, providing alternative points of view, assessing situations with a clear mind and presenting them in a positive way that provides a light at the end of the tunnel to the individual.  Being resourceful, positive, and creative in suggestions to help resolve issues and get back on track is another skillset I feel is important for all Clergy.

(Word Count: 156)

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