Crisis Response, #2

Describe at least three different categories of emergency situations and provide a clear example of each. Please ensure you include a source citation. (minimum 50 words each).

Financial Emergency
A financial or personal emergency is one that affects us directly in our small sphere of the universe with no adverse affects on our community or country as a whole.  An example of a personal emergency  could be a medical emergency such as being shot, a stroke, or anything requiring immediate medical attention.  Personal Emergencies can also mean financial such as foreclosure, house fire, or loss of job.   These types of events are mostly avoidable through proper prior planning (Personal Crisis).

(Word Count: 77)

Natural Disaster
A natural environmental emergency is one that is determined by nature without direct influence from man.  These types of emergencies are things like hurricanes, tornadoes  earthquakes, mudslides, volcanic eruptions, etc. that we have no way to prevent or avoid, but can only prepare for in advance in order to survive (Crisis Management).

(Word Count: 50)

Political & Social Emergency
A governmental emergency is the least occuring of most emergencies, because it involves a complete country-wide or world-wide scale.  Potential governmental disasters could be (and have been in other countries), financial debt crisis such as what Greece and Iceland experienced in recent years, wars in other countries,  and economic recession such as the United States is still recovering from as of 2008.

(Word Count: 62)

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