Liturgy 1, #14

 Discuss your understanding of the Omen. (minimum 100 words)

In ADF Liturgy, the Omen or “Return” is when the Seer reads the message from the Gods after all the offerings and sacrifices are made, usually through a method of divination like the runes.  In CedarLight we often ask if the offerings have been accepted first as the initial return, and if the answer is yes, we ask for either what the Gods wish to say to us, or if we are performing the Rite for a specific purpose, whether that purpose has been or will be fulfilled.  Some Grove’s will do an additional reading to find out what the Gods ask of them in return for the blessings, but we do not do that in CedarLight.  Sometimes we will even shake things up a bit by having three Seer’s taking omens, one for each of the gates.   The outcome is still the same, but with alternative perspectives intertwining together.

(Word Count: 150)

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