Liturgy 1, #13

 Discuss the relationship between sacrifice and blessing and how this is reflected in the Core Order of Ritual. (minimum 150 words)

When we sacrifice for the Gods and Kindred, we are giving up something as a gift or in honor of them and their abilities.  We continue this praise and sacrifice until a positive omen is obtained that shows these offerings have been accepted.  If they have not been accepted, then we must continue with our offerings until they are suitable.

Assuming the Omen has been accepted, we can then take in any additional message that the Gods may provide that coincides within the Omen, and then take in their blessings.  We do this through the Waters of Life, which within my Grove are chalices of liquid that are placed on the altar to receive the blessings from the Gods and then passed around the participants to drink in and accept into their lives.  A common phrase here is “A gift from us to the earth to the Gods, from the Gods, to the earth to us, a gift for a gift.  Behold the Waters of Life!”

(Word Count: 166)

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