Divination 1, #6

Describe the results of three divinations performed by you. These divinations may be text assisted. (minimum 100 words each)

Divination #1

The first Divination performed was for the question: “What do the kindred have in store for me?”
I pulled Uruz, Berkano, and Eihwaz

Uruz to me is a symbol of the fighting spirit towards manifestation.
Berkano is a symbol of a rite of passage, or a cycle of rebirth or new growth
Eihwaz is representative of a state of transition, connection, or relationship between poles in the center of all worlds.

There seems to be a common theme of transformation in this reading.  I already know you as a fighting spirit towards your beliefs and goals, so it is not surprising to me to see this in this reading.  Berkano suggestions you are going through a period of growth during this transformation.  It was pulled as “reverse” if you believe in such things, but I tend to not lean that way.  I see this growth as a positive change, but I suspect it will not  be an easy one at all.

Ending with Eihwaz, I almost see this as you taking the part of the world tree, connecting worlds or “arguments” together and bringing peace between them, or at least opening the lines of communication between them.

When asking for a little clarification, I pulled Thurisaz, the thorn, or that divine power or “fuel” that helps assist in changes.  I attempted to pull additional runes for clarification, because this is pretty generic, but they pretty much all pulled towards this same transformation.  So I believe this to be your path from the Kindred.  The question was pretty broad, so I couldn’t get too specific.

(Word Count: 264)

Divination #2

My second divination asks: “Will my daughter have justice?”
I am leaving out specifics in relation to this question out of courtesy as both Clergy and general privacy.

I pulled, Jera, Ingwaz, and Eihwaz.

Jera is the good harvest, right reward of the season.  A natural law of cause and effect.

Ingwaz as death that turns into life.  Transformation after a period of gestation.  Fertility and successful completion.

Eihwaz is the rune of transformation and a communication between worlds.

I read this as a very positive omen.  Jera represents a good harvest, a good collective outcome and the attribution of karma.  I believe this to mean that the outcome will be positive for the question.

Ingwaz leads me to believe that this will not necessarily be a visible karma that you will see, or even one that will happen immediately, but one that will happen after the appropriate time, and with a fertile outcome.  So do not expect immediate satisfaction here, you have to let nature takes its course.

Eihwaz to me points in the direction of you acting as a facilitator for healing here. It’s not a healing rune, but it is a rune that brings together worlds and communication.  And I think that is going to be your role in this and that your daughter will need you to be that world tree to stand tall between the worlds for her.

(Word Count: 233)

Divination #3

The question: When the right guy will come along, when will I have a happy and successful relationship?”

I pulled Fehu, Uruz, and Isa

Fehu means wealth, or “cattle” in what is considered a cattle culture, so this is a term of wealth.

Uruz is the wild primal energy that helps to manifest an outcome.

Isa is ice, or rather primal calm ice that was melted and creates an attraction to fire.  This is a frozen stillness that may eventually melt.

This was a tricky reading, but I believe it to be a positive outcome, though timely.  Fehu brings in wealth, which I take to mean there will be an abundance of good things to you in terms of a relationship.  Uruz brings in an unorganized passion, which I believe to mean that this will not be something you can look for and find.  I think it will come abruptly and not by your own influence.  Isa as the frozen stillness gives brings in two notions.  The first being that this is not going to happen soon, that there needs to be a defrost period before you can achieve this.  There may be a buried anger or coldness inside you, even an obsession or pain, that you need to focus on first to let that fiery passion take over.  Essentially you need to defrost yourself or whatever is holding you back now in order to allow this fire of plenty to come into your life.

I pulled another rune for clarity and I pulled Elhaz.  This is a rune of the elk and a rune of protection.  This rune has a strong connection to “man” as well, and speaks of a willing sacrifice.  This could be taken as this man who may come into your life as a good protective influence, or it could mean that you need to work on protecting your inner self first before venturing into another relationship, which goes with Isa above.

(Word Count: 326)



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