ADF Structure, Customs, and Policies, #10

Describe ADF’s administrative structure. (150 words min.)

ADF’s administrative structure consists of different boards and committees that offer very different functions from each other.  The Board of Directors, also known as “The Mother Grove” consists of the Archdruid, the Vice Archdruid, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Members Advocate, Chief of the Council of Seniro Druids, Chief of the Council of Regional Druids, and 3 Non-Officer Directors.  The Mother Grove is the management of the organization that conducts the business and affairs, with the authority to overrule all other groups within ADF.  Following the Mother Grove there are also Non-Director Officers which consist of the Administrator and Preceptor that oversee day-to-day operations within not only the corporation, but the administration of the ADF Study Programs.  There are also several committees that operate within the administration of ADF, such as the Clergy Council, the Council of Lore, the Grove Coordinating Committeee, and the Grove Organizing Committee.  On a more local level, there are also Region Druids that represent each of their appropriate regions, as well as individual Grove leaders that represent their local Groves. These committees all oversee the internal workings of their particular groups.

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