Trance 1: #8

Describe what happens to the body during a trance state from a physical standpoint. (min. 300 words)

During a trance-like state, at least during the beginning stages of getting used to trance-work, my body was generally still, but somewhat fidgety.  Since I’ve been working on adjusting my abilities to trance, I’ve noticed the subtle adjustments in how my body reacts.  It becomes more calm, eases into the trance-state with less distraction, and I am able to keep on focus for a longer period of time.

Psychology today describes the process of going into trance or hypnosis as a disconnection of your mind from your body and surroundings.  You feel relaxed, similar to taking a nap, but the difference is the experience you have during trance.  There’s often a sense of disconnect with time and an aware europhia (Psychology Today). Other sensations that people have experienced include arm levitation

Essentially, your body does not really go through many physical changes except relaxation.  You may feel sensations of hot or cold, breathing may change, you may shake, but overall your body is the same before the trance.  Mentally, however, you go through various changes in order to prep your mind for the journey, during the journey-work, and then the adjustment back to a normal alert state.

For myself, my body can sit still for a good while as needed, but the stillness does not help my meditative state.  Movement is what helps me and allows me to trance out.  Rhythm through drumming is what keeps my mind focused, alert, but able to still avoid the distractions of thoughts and day-to-day activities.  The beat gives me something to focus on, provides a repetitive motion and sound, much like a heartbeat, and allows my body to adjust to that while my mind clears and fills with rhythm instead.  When in ritual, the same applies.  The drumbeat uniquely keeps everyone in the same rhythm and focus, which is something you can’t do through guided spoken meditation very easily, and certainly not during silent meditation.  Rhythm makes everyone want to dance, everyone want to focus on the same beat, and raise the energy as needed during the proper time.

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