Trance 1, #6

Identify and explain three methods of attaining a trance state. (min. 150 words per method)

The number one method of attaining a trance state for me is through drumming (or rhythm).  Rhythm allows you to latch onto a “heart beat” of sorts and maintain a consistent and expected state that then allows the rest of you to relax and let go.  At least that is the experience of drumming trances for me.  Once I am in my “groove”, my mind focuses on the rhythm and the beat sorta…fills my soul and my thoughts so I can’t focus on other things.  I have to maintain the rhythm or be completely caught off-guard and feel distraught and unbalanced.  Think of this similar to counting sheep to fall asleep, it’s the repetitive rhythmic motion that your brain has to focus on, that actually allows your brain to relax from stress and distractions and go into a trance state.  This is what drumming does for me, and my love for music only enhances the feeling, which is why this is still the number one method of trance for me.

(Word Count: 170)

Another method of trance is through meditative breathing.  This seems to be the bare bones basic method of getting to a trance state, and in some ways is very similar to my loud drumming method.  It’s all rhythm and repetition.  Your brain can latch on to the rhythm or action being performed so it cannot focus on all the distractions. However, breathing is a more accessible method, and one that can be done anywhere, such as the office, when needed.  The extra oxygen from breathing in and out in a repeated pattern helps to encourage an alert trance state.  After enough repetitions, the brain becomes used to the rhythmic flow and you may even start to lose count and succumb to the trance state naturally.  This is a rather non-evasive way to meditate and trance in order to allow your mind to be more receptive to the divine or unknown.  This way is representative of mental acuity and cleansing.

(Word Count: 159)

Lastly, visual trance, or journeying really, is another way to attain a trance state.  Using the breathing method above to start, or just silent meditation, you force your mind to focus on a visual “mind journey” to reach either a purposeful location, or allow your mind to wander where it pleases.  The premise is the same, your mind is latched onto the visual aspect of the journey that it is prevented from being distracted by the mundane (for the most part).  Your journey, or where your mind or the divine decides to lead you, tells a story or provides insight into your mind or what messages from the divine you are supposed to procure.  This method allows you to see things and go places you might not otherwise be able to in the physical world.  That is why I am interested in enhancing my skills for this method, because I am curious as to where it might lead me.

(Word Count: 159)

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