Ritual: Yule 2006

Yule 2006It has become a tradition over the last several years to do an all night vigil for Yule at CedarLight. It is also a tradition that this High Rite be strongly nordic based. We’ve generally started ritual at 12pm with the opening of the ritual, and then at 6pm opening the gates and leaving them open all night until dawn. But this year we started at 6pm, and people actually fell asleep. Whereas the first all night vigil we did, everyone stayed up the entire time.

Our primary invocations were the Landwights and the Landvaettir, and also the Aesir and the Vanir and all the Shinning Ones. There was fire spinning, accompanied by my own drumming. The omen was positive, depicting protection and good fortune, and symbolizing our current creative energies to move towards that goal.

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