Ritual: Ostara 2007

The CedarLight Ostara 2007 ritual was a cold one. We honored The Alseids (The Land Nymphs) and the Hamadryads/Dryads (The Native Tree Nymphs) as our primary invocation. The omen was read by Will, who listened to the trees of the sanctuary to divine the message from the Gods. I don’t remember what the Omen was, but I think it was something like “We are here” or “The trees are listening.” Again this stems from our Grove not keeping track of the omens, which we are trying to remedy. I may update this once I am able to pull the omen out of someone at the Grove.

I rather enjoy honoring the spirits of the land, because the earth has a particular spirituality in my life. Being raised on a farm and experiencing animals of the wilderness in many forms gives me a unique appreciation for the spirits of the land, whether they are actual beings or in the trees and surroundings.

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