Ritual Mechanics, #3

Describe your meditation practice as it stands today. Include its regularity, any positions you may use or prayers you may say, and the method(s) you typically use. (min. 200 words)

Meditation for me is always difficult.  My mind is the type to run 1000 miles a minute, so getting it to calm without distraction with the 10,000 things to do in the back of my mind is near impossible.  However, I have found a compromise through rhythmic sound, mainly drumming.  I have a natural ability to jump into rhythms or create new rhythms and trace into that particular rhythm non-stop for however long is needed.

During my first journey to the mound, Caryn MacLuan made the suggestion that Ian drum during the journey so I could better adapt into a trance-like state, and it worked perfectly.

I am a very musical person, especially in my spiritual life, so rhythmic trance was a natural process for me, and has served me very well since.

To start, if I am alone I like to listen to a rhythmic drumming CD alone in the dark with a flame in front of me.  This allows my eyes to focus on the flame, and my mind and body to focus on the rhythm.  I can start to feel and even predict the beats so I become familiar with the repetitive nature of sound.

In a group setting, I try to set a basic rhythmic beat for others to follow.  As the energy is raised and people are used to the core “father beat”, I can then add my own flourishes and lead the direction of the energy where I want.  It allows me to really absorb into the rhythm and the different partitions of beats that can shoot off of one simple rhythm.

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