Magic 1 for Priests, #6

Discuss the relative place and methodologies of magic within your personal religious/spiritual practice. (minimum 100 words)

I do not consider myself as much of a magical person as I’ve seen other priests and liturgists.  It is not as prominent a feature in my personal working, but it does have its place.  I do not like to put too much stock in relying on magic work for certain things, as a lot of people can take it in the direction of a crutch to rely on rather than a tool to enhance workings.  I think a lot of the mundane purposes of ritual can be solved through personal responsibility instead.  Too many times I’ve heard of people using magical work to land them a job but then refuse to do the actual process of work to achieve that job (such as actually applying places).

That said, magic does have its place.  It’s useful for enhancing trance-work and ritual workings.  It is useful for an extra “oomph” in mundane workings such as luck in the job force (as long as you do the work), protection talismans during travel, and even relaxation or meditative techniques.  Those are the main types of magic that I have interest in, but I still like to rely on myself and my own responsibility to accomplish most things I want to happen.

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