Liturgy 1, #9

Discuss the Outdwellers and their significance in ritual (or not, as the case may be). (minimum 100 words)

Outdwellers or “Outsiders” are not just distracting spirits (Titans in the Greek Lore, Giants in the Germanic Lore) that would sway us from our path or intent, but also the inner feelings that would subconsciously or even consciously prevent us from moving forward with our intended work.  While these spirits of both this world and the Otherworld can be menacing, we acknowledge that they exist and even serve a purpose in our lives and in our work by providing challenges and building strength within us.  So by acknowledging them, in order to continue our work without their influence we appease them with offerings or bribes under the stipulation that they leave us be.  These can be anything from shiny trinkets to alcohol and food.  An alternative to using bribes would be to call a protector of some sort during your rite or working to help protect from any such Outdwellers.  An example of a protector would be the God Thor, or the Goddess Athena.

(Word Count: 164) 

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