Liturgy 1, #11

 Discuss how one would choose the focus (or foci) for the Key Offerings (which may include: Beings of the Occasion, seasonal theme or other focus of the work).(minimum 100 words)

In CedarLight Grove, ADF, our offerings are often depicted by the Deities of the Occasion and what is considered most precious to them.  Olive oil is often given in honor of Athena, bardic works or service are great offerings for Brigid, learning a new skill and hard work often done in honor of Lugh.  Of course, Deities are sometimes determined depending on what High Rite we are doing.  An example would be at Imbolc we almost always honor Brigid, or Lugh and Tailtiue being honored at Lughnasadh, so this would also determine the types of offerings we suggest to our participants.

Furthering the idea of Lugh and Tailtiue being honored at Lughnasadh, the history of Lughnasadh and the Tailtiean games might also help determine offerings of self-sacrifice or even warrior games in honor of the Deities of Choice.

Beyond offerings determined by Deities, there are also seasonal offerings.  Any of the three harvest festivals can have offerings of harvested goods such as corn, tomatoes, and herbs (which, consequently is another representation of hard work offered to Lugh).  During a High Rite of the fertility seasons, such as Ostara or Beltane, eggs or seed may be offered and blessings of fertility towards future children may be asked in return.

There are also offerings based around a specific need for a High Rite, whether this is a Rite of Passage or a Healing Rite for an ailing member, offerings for these could be based around the concept of the Rite rather than the Deities or Season in which it is performed.  Though the Deity influence is still strong since normally you are asking help or guidance from the Deities of Choice to aid in the passage or healing.  Still, concept will play a big part, and offering service or herbs for a Healing Rite would be more than appropriate to encourage that healing.

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