Indo European Myth 2: Application #1

Using your answer to question 1 above (cosmos creation), create a piece for use in ritual that describes the process of cosmos creation through sacrifice. (no min. word count)

From a Norse perspective:

In the beginning the world was ice and fire.  When the fire and ice of the world collided, a great thaw began, which begat the giant Ymir and the bovine Audhumla.  Ymir suckled from the milk of Audhumla as it streamed down from her teets.  As Audhumla sustained herself through a salty block of ice, the human Buri emerged who eventually bore a son named Bor (oddly enough).  Bor’s three sons made a sacrifice of Ymir and from his body was the creation of the world.  The blood flowed to create the oceans, rivers, and waters that lives in our wells.  His skull rose above to create the heavens of the skies, and his bones were placed to create the mountains and stones between the worlds.  Through sacrifice, fire, and ice, the gateway between the worlds has been created.  And so we hallow the well, the tree, and the fire.

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