High Days: Ostara

The Germanic Ostara is the time when Spring has officially sprung, and is supposed to be a time of equilibrium. The cold death of winter is melting away, revealing a supple and fertile mother earth. During this time I’m ready to shake off the winter ice and peek my head out of the thicket to smell the freshness of Spring. Soon we’ll start planting the first seeds after the last frost and our animals will soon start to give birth.

I like this particular holiday because Spring in general is my favorite season. Everything has renewed vigor, it’s not too hot, and the budding trees and flowers show me the promises of a lush time of year to come. Ostara is for new beginnings and spring cleaning, which is always very important to me. I like to reevaluate my life and clean out all of the dusty and negativity to start anew. Now the days will seem extra long, allowing people to be more productive, and the return of the sun lifts our spirits from the depression of the dark winter.

This is the time of the Navajo Mountain Chant, when the tribe of Arizona comes together to celebrate the end of the thunderstorms, before the spring winds come.

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