Ethics 1, #3

Discuss how an individual learns to determine right from wrong and explain the factors that influence this determination? (100 words minimum)

Learning right from wrong is a very convoluted process that starts at birth.  There are so many outside factors that influence and determine our initial mindset, from parents to peers at school and eventually co-workers and religious institutions in our adulthood.  I firmly believe that while all of these are major influences, and childhood likely being the most influential, we are all capable of changing our way of thinking based off of what is humanely right and fair.  Equal Opportunity is one of those most raging topics when it comes to ethics and morals, or right and wrong.  Everyone has the right to live a free and good life, and much of what we will have to make a judgment call on as leaders will be based off of this concept.  I envision many of the issues that I’ve had to deal with over the last 8 years as a leader within my own Grove coming back to the idea of Equal Opportunity or “fairness”.  Much of what we go through, our experiences and our ability to look at things from all sides to come up with a just decision are what influence us the most in leadership positions.  We learn from our mistakes, we learn from the mistakes of others, and we move forward with this knowledge, bettering ourselves for the next time.

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