Crisis Response, #9

Discuss how the skills required of ADF clergy in ritual, especially those which involve mitigating chaos and generating order, might relate to those necessary for appropriately responding to an emergency situation (minimum 100 words).

Clergy, in my opinion, act as the keepers of ritual.  They are the messengers between the folk and the Kindred, the negotiators between the folk and the Outsiders, and the Guides and Protectors throughout the flow of ritual.

Ritual is like a scripted play with the potential for all kinds of missed lines, broken props, and unexplained interruptions.  The chaos has to be kept at a reasonable level, if not removed completely in order for the ritual to complete effectively and within the best interest of those gathered.  Clergy are responsible and trained in making this happen.

When something goes awry, it requires quick-thinking and experience to move things forward without interrupting the flow and energy of ritual to the point of no return.  We all take something with us from these rituals, whether it is a negative energy or a positive and fulfilling one, it’s all crafted from how well the ritual goes, and us as Clergy can help mitigate the outcome of that.

(Word Count: 165)

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