Crisis Response, #7

Discuss why an individual in crisis might seek an ADF clergy person for help and explain whether or not you feel this is an appropriate function for ADF clergy, why or why not? (minimum 200 words)

When people experience a crisis situation that leaves them looking for answers that they simply are finding, it’s common to turn to faith, as logic and reasoning are no longer being used.  Faith gives us the unknown answers to questions we seek comfort in knowing the answers to.  Many times people will even start to question faith, and seek reassurance from a Clergy person.  It is an important role for Clergy to act as a trusted liaison between an individual and their Gods when their own personal methods of communication with their Gods might be clouded with emotion and pain.

I do feel that being a resource for suicidal individuals is a function for ADF Clergy, but also for just human beings in general.  We have a moral obligation to help our fellow man when the chips are down and they just need to know someone is there to listen and give practical advice.  Clergy across many faiths function in this way, as a vessel for listening and for advice.

While ADF Clergy cannot give input in a mental or health capacity as far as counseling, we can certainly create our own available resource for referring people to the appropriate location that they might not otherwise think to look or have the mental cognancy to find.  We can also offer practical advice from a logical standpoint, so long as it doesn’t border on mental diagnosis.  We can also provide ritual and spiritual guidance in a way to help sooth and provide direction for self-healing.

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